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20 June 2007

Hei Norge!

Off we go... This is PH. Unfortunately, Hexe has been a little ill so you get me. Hexe flew up to Maine on Monday to drop off KK and Hew at her mother's home. Here's what happened: We woke up at 3:20 AM to make a 6:00 AM flight. After checking in the gang headed to security for the fun to begin.

The TSA confiscated the kid's yogurt as contraband at the security check point. The kid's Play-Dough was nearly taken, but after a rather intense inspection it was allowed on the plane. Upon finding the yogurt and Play-Dough, Hexe was forced to empty the entire contents of her purse and back pack. After the PB&J sandwiches were analyzed to make sure they didn't exceed the 3 ounce limit, the family was allowed to proceed to their flight.

Of course, Delta was nice enough to seat each of them in three different rows. The ticket counter person said she couldn't reassign the seats so that the children could sit with their mother. The representative at the gate also refused. So, Hexe did what any mother traveling alone with a 3 and 5 year old would do. She chose a nice row and squatted until the crew reseated other passengers.

Once seated together they got ready for take off. More fun quickly ensued. Both KK and Hexe tend to get air sick. This time, it was KK's turn to throw up on the plane. The good news is that the entire contents of KK's stomach made it into the vomit bag. Hew was rather impressed and told every passenger what good a job KK did to throw up in the bag while being careful not to "miss it" like last time. Plus, KK only needed ONE bag this time. What a proud little brother.

The three of them arrived on time to Atlanta for their connection to Maine. While exiting the plane Hexe gave the flight attendant KK's deposit and went in search of the connecting flight. There were no more security "issues" and this flight boarded on time. However, once the plane was fully boarded several passengers started to notice a rather familiar, strong smell. This was quickly pointed out to the flight crew who told the Captain. Apparently, over the weekend the ground crew forgot to clean and empty the toilets. Instead, three days of "remains" were still in the tank. The crew was instructed to take off and let the ground crew in Maine clean it up. Fortunately, the Captain had a heart and forced them to empty the toilets before leaving. I am really glad he did. Otherwise, Hexe and KK would have filled several small bags on this flight.

Hew was rather impressed with the cleaning crew and told them to make sure there was plenty of blue water for him to use, now that he is completely potty trained.

After a 30 minute delay for the "potty clean up," the kids and Hexe were on their way back home to Maine. Unfortunately, during the rush to put everyone's shoes back on and gather her belongings at security in Florida, the PB&J sandwiches were found at the bottom of the back pack. So, on the Atlanta flight there was no yogurt and no sandwiches. Isn't Play-Dough edible?

During the last half hour of the flight KK was unable to equalize the pressure in her ears and screamed bloody murder. The good news is that no one threw up. Hew made sure that all the passengers were aware of this fact.

Once on ground Hexe gathered the luggage and car seats and went in search of the rental car. It was now 1:30 and the kids only had peanuts to eat. The first "restaurant" she could find was a McDonald's - somewhere the kids have NEVER been and Hexe hasn't visited since she was in high school. The kids were not impressed with the chicken nuggets, but ate them any way since the only other option was a plastic bag of squished PB&J remnants.

Unfortunately, Hexe caught a bug on the flights north. No, it is not T.B. Between visits from her cousins and grandparents she has been trying to stay in bed as much as possible so she can get over her funk before we fly to Norway tonight. I am currently sitting at Gate 77 in the Orlando Airport waiting for my flight to Boston where I will meet Hexe for our Norwegian vacation.

In Boston I'll greet her with a big hug, a kiss, and a vomit bag if needed. Details from our visit will be coming soon. Until then... we are off to the Land of the Midnight Sun.




Antipodeesse said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What a sorry adventure...

At least you got a REALLY ENTERTAINING blog post out of it!

Mountain Dweller said...

Sounds like the trip from hell! Hope things improve for your holiday in Norway.

Sunshine said...

Man, this reminds me how much I ADORE traveling with the kiddos.
Good times!
Tell her to get better soon!! And enjoy the trip!

RennyBA said...

Hi PH! So sorry to hear about all the trouble Hexe had to go tough, but soooo very happy to hear your finally on your way to the land of the midnight sun - welcome to Norway! And you came about time as it's just the solstice time and you will be able to experience daylight almost 24 hour of day!

I'm sorry I could not make it to a business trip in Stavanger this week, but I'm sure you'll mange without me!

Wishing you a great stay and hope you'll keep us dated:-)

Merisi said...

Oh, my goodness! Being a veteran "mother travelling with four small kids", I commiserate with Hexe. Considering recent experiences with flight "sicurity", I'd venture to say Hexe was lucky not being arrested for squatting and having the plane rerouted for security reasons. One only needs to read the papers. :-( Nowadays I wouldn't even dare to complain about spoiled food on the plane anymore, for fear of being singled out for "unruly behavior" on an airplane.
I do hope you get to enjoy your Norvegian holidays to the fullest!

RennyBA said...

Hope your having a jolly good time! Sorry the weather wasn't that great all the time, but I bet you had some fun anyway:-)