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13 January 2008

The Benefit of Winter

For those of you living in snowy or cold areas, let me remind you that there is a benefit to this season - NO YARD WORK. I know you still have snow to shovel, but you have no trees or shrubs to be trimmed, no moss to collect, no leaves to be raked, no grass to be mowed weekly, and no weeds to be pulled out.

A few weeks ago, we had a bit of a freeze and the top of our bottle brush died. Plus, we hadn't bothered to trim the thing in over a year so it was time for serious trimming and that actually required the use of the chain saw. Additionally, we put in a couple plants a few years back that have grown into trees. Because of the proximity to the house, we feared that the root system would impact the foundation of the house. So we also cut those down this weekend. While those of you in colder climates enjoyed cocoa and cold weather, we (PH and I) created this . . .

My forearms are sore from the use of the chainsaw and the loper, and my back aches from carrying all of that to the curb. Plus it was 80 degrees here today. I miss winter!

Update: PH said it was 82 degrees today not 80 degrees. Sometimes PH is a more of a PIA than a PH.

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