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06 January 2008

In an effort to increase my technology knowledge, "Santa" brought me an ipod. I have been waiting to post a picture of it but the camera died during Christmas and is refusing to turn on, so this image will have to do.

I can see how this little thing could become quite addictive. I have spent hours pouring over music, making a wish list of songs that I try to put in order of those desired most. With many of these songs, memories come flying back - of childhood, first loves, college, law school, New Hampshire, Boston, Maine, vacations, camp, first real job, dating, engagement, marriage, kids. My children have taken to "shaking their booty" as I play for them the songs of of my misspent youth. So if anyone has suggestions for some "must have" songs, let me know - my wish list is ready for modification!


Mountain Dweller said...

Santa brought us an ipod as well and I'm already totally in love with it. As for wish list songs - we listsen to the French singer Johnny Hallyday a lot, who I must admit is a bit of an acquired taste!

Expat Traveler said...

I think that is addictive as trying to upgrade a blog! I'm determined to get an upgrade of wordpress 2.3 in but it's taking hrs to do... grrr.

Ms Mac said...

Personally, I think you can never go wrong with Madonna's Ray of Light.

Of course, my iTunes is full of Chris Isaak but I know he might be an acquired taste.