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24 January 2008

Bad attitude day

This week has been a mess. Monday, the kids were home for the holiday which was fun but nothing was accomplished. By Tuesday, I picked up some nasty cold so I have been sick since then (which is probably why I am so grouchy). We have only sent out one resume this week between illness and kids. AND two more teachers from local schools were arrested for trying to have sex with their students.

Since I was a prosecutor for these crimes, I understand that sexual deviants abound everywhere, but we live in a area that seems to attract them. Since the week of Christmas, there have been four arrests of school personnel - one being the local elementary principal and another teacher who tried to work out a quid pro quo arrangement where a kid gave the teacher oral sex for an "A" in his class. Thankfully, the kid was wired so the police have evidence. That is what this place is like - I'm thankful that my community wires a sixteen year old so that a case can be made against some deviant. I'm thankful that the principal is so stupid that he actually brought the porn he created with his student's faces to the office so there is not question he should be arrested. Don't even start me on the guns, gangs and lock downs at the local schools this year.

Forgive the bad attitude - I've just had it with this place. Never mind that the actually education in this county is actually substandard. I pay for private school where the education is equally bad just because there is the hope that the staff are less deviant (or at least I know them all and remind them regularly of my past job of putting people in jail for a very, very, very long time). There is the hope that with such a small school there are less gangs and guns. There certainly are more drugs and alcohol at the high school as many of the parents have too much money and the chose not to parent, but as my kids are pre-school age I hope they never get to the high school here. Don't even start me on the obscenely high teen pregnancy rate or the meth production rate as this county tops the state in both categories. Plus it is hot here yet again!

I think it is time to put down the local paper and go for a long, sweaty walk. Will be back when I can write without having to edit out all the four letter words.

***Ran/Walked five miles and feeling better. Kept repeating that we will be moving at some point in the near future and in the meantime I am lucky to have time to run/walk at 8:30 AM instead of working. Plus played loud, angry music on ipod. Am now too sweaty and tired to be pissed.


Ms Mac said...

Oh dear. That's not good. And here's me complaining that the kids in our village throw paper on the ground....

hexe said...

It' all perspective isn't it? Yet I can't shake my negative view of this place. I'll just keep trying to find some good while I'm here. And tell those kids not to be litterbugs:)

Claire said...

Are you kidding me?? I noticed that some schools in the U.S. were having problems, but that is ridiculous. I am freaked out by teachers and porn, but then also amazed at their stupidity. It is amazing how some people never think they will get caught.