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21 January 2008

Where in the World . . .

Monday appears to be the day of inquiry in our house. For the past three weeks, Monday has brought email inquiries for various companies. First was the UK. A resume was sent for a position in Scotland, but the recruiter wanted to talk about a job in London. Then there was a resume for a position in Luxembourg, but a different recruiter wanted to talk about a job in Boston. As I lived in Boston for several years and PH had visited there, PH quickly explained we were looking at Europe for now, and even with our U.S. education, we knew Boston was not Europe. Today was a request for more information for a position in Norway. We know Norway is expensive and has long, dark winters, yet PH can not hide his excitement. There is only one other position in Germany that has elicited the same reaction as the inquiry from Norway.

Although we haven't a clue where we are going, these inquiries have been fun. I do a bit more research on the different places. We discuss the positive and negative aspects of the job, the area, and the language. We try to anticipate the trials and tribulations. We try to imagine life elsewhere.

The inquiries make for a hopeful Monday. During the week, we both spend a fair amount of time searching for positions, revising and editing the CV and Cover Letter, and filling in various forms. By mid-week, this process can be less fun and more tedious, plus the fear of the unknown is a bit unnerving. But as for Monday, it's full of possibilities of a new and very different life. And until then, I'll just keep working on my knitting


EuroTrippen said...

Norway is supposed to have one of the best qualities of life going, I'd be excited too if I were you!

We're actually thinking about looking outside of Dresden (but still in Europe) due to Sydney's asthma and the lack of clean air in this city.

So soon I might have to take up knitting too.

Rosie said...

Are you sure you would rather be anywhere else than Florida! I used to think that about London, but now mmm.....? I have found myself in an enforced knitting situation when work (or rather money) was required but not available HERE!

Richard Rinyai said...

I've lived in 3 different countries around the world and in 9 different places. Moving around wasn't fun, but finally am living in Canada and loving it.

I guess the older you are, the more you appreciate travel.


Richard Rinyai

Claire said...

The Germans actually have a lot of respect for Norway and its standard of living. I suppose it is all the oil money that they have. How exciting the possibilities! I wish you lots of luck in your hunt.

(Wow, you guys learned that Boston is not in Europe, too! Our American edumikation ain't so bad :)

hexe said...

B - We could start a "patient knitter because we are waiting for to learn where we are going" club. I finished the scarf and am now moving on to a hat. Let's just saying I'm getting some strange looks in the car line at school when I whip out the knitting while waiting for the kids.

Roise - I know that the grass is always greener syndrome may send us from the fire into the fry pan, but we hav been planning this move for more than five years. We actually considered a move North in the U.S. before the kids were born but PH's work made him an offer he could not refuse. So we stayed and I still really want to leave seven years later. I'm not from here and I know there is more out there than this. So we'll just hope that we choose wisely when the time comes.

Richard - Thanks for visiting. As Canada was my neighbor as a kid, I know how wonderful a place it is. Glad you have found your place.

Claire - Thanks for the good wishes. Norway would be a good match in many ways - especially since PH is fluent in the language. Just keep your fingers crossed! Hope you pregnancy is going well!