Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

09 January 2008

This new "job" is wearing me out. The kids went back to school Monday so I began spring cleaning. I have made two trips to Goodwill and produced numerous bags of garbage. Additionally, the second part of the job is recruiting for PH and while it has been slow recently, the last couple days have seen an increase in the request for documents and information. No we won't be out of here immediately, but at least they are calling (or emailing). And I thought I might get to lay around and watch a soap opera once in awhile :)


EuroTrippen said...

Oh, I remember the days of resume farming with great fondness. Waking up each morning wondering what might be waiting in email and dreaming of far away lands... my fingers are crossed for you!

Sunshine said...

I'm down to one kid at home and I still don't watch TV until they are all in bed at night and I DVR everything.

Merisi said...

You are suffering from January doldrums! From Target to Container Store, they all got those organizing systems to help you out. Buy a couple of organizing doodads, and then let them be. Relax. Schedule a manicure. Go to a coffee place. Take a novel to read, in case they don't offer magazines there. Take a one hour session, at least. You are not allowed to leave the premises before the 61st minute is up.
(I remember when I stayed home with my first child, I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms each and every morning, then I washed the "toys", and after that, I ironed baby t-shirts: I had no I idea what I was supposed to do as a homekeeper).

hexe said...

Eurotrippen: It is rather fun to imagine where we may end up. I do check the emails first thing in the morning just to see if anything new has come :)

Sunshine: I have to admit that for the most part I wouldn't even watch tv during the day if I could. Other than one soap opera that my mother watched that I stil check in on from time to time, I just can not get into daytime tv.

Merisi: I am having a bit of a problem sitting down for any length as it feels as though I am wasting time. I expect I will eventually settle into a routine but for now I am a bit out of sorts. Plus there is so much we have put off doing due to lack of time that I could be busy for weeks just finishing the projects list. I do walk/run everyday and I did invest in some yarn to start knitting again (yes, even in Florida!) so slowly, I'll find time some "me" time. Thank you for the recommendation of staying for an hour otherwise I tend to start thinking of all the things I "should" be doing :)

Expat Traveler said...

i'll take blogging and photography any day... hehe... well minus a job too! Hope you'll get some time for yourself.