Wish I was there . .
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17 May 2006

Did I just say that?

Yesterday's conversation with KK (age 4) and Hew (age 2) in the car driving home from pre-school:

Hexe: There's another bus - see it.
(wildly trying to distract Hew from a major meltdown)

KK (tauntingly): The bus is on my side.

Hew (screaming): No bus is on my side!

KK (raising her voice): No my side!

Hew (screaming louder): My side!
(keep repeating last two lines at increase levels)

Hexe (screaming): Stop screaming! The bus is on both your sides!
(Bus is long gone along with my sanity!)

Later in the day . . .

Hexe (exasperated): KK, just give your brother one pair of the princess shoes. And stop taking his purple, sparkling purse!


Pumpkin said...

That was too funny and you really captured it so well! :)

hexe said...

Thank you for the kind comment. I really enjoy your blog. I sure you have these Mommy moments like me where you think "Calgon, take me away!"

Antipodeesse said...

Ha! Very cute answer to the bus dilemma! Who said you needed to be sane to be a mother anyway?!