Wish I was there . .
My passport is ready and I can be packed in minutes.

30 May 2006

It's like a heatwave . . .

It's hot. I know - welcome to Florida, but ironically this Floridian hates the heat. I become irritable and just plain depressed when the temperature starts reaching 90 plus in May. It is a reminder that I have at least four months of hell to sweat through. It seems as though the soaring temperatures also effect KK and Hew. It's only 9:00 AM but the fighting started on our sweaty morning walk and has continued non-stop. Is it too early for a glass of wine?

On the positive side, it is only two weeks before I board a plane for the Northeast . . . with two children under five . . .alone. While I am very excited to leave, the thought of the flight alone with KK and Hew is daunting. The last time I flew alone with them both, KK was two and on my lap and I was five months pregnant with Hew (I should say that KK was on what remained of my lap). The flight was full and I ended up in a row with two female snow-birds who were annoyed that any children had even been allowed on their flight. They continued to talk loudly about me as though I could not hear them. I returned their kindness by becoming violently ill as we landed and vomiting into one of those horrid little bags. I can only hope that this trip goes slightly better, but deep down I know it will be worse.

PerfectHusband declares I am a pessimist. Easy for him to say - he will be flying up later to join us. From there, he and I will fly sans children to France and then he will fly home alone. I will go back to have a week of Auntie Hexe camp where I will repay my sister by taking her two children as well as my own for a week. After that, I will fly home . . .with two children still under five . . . alone. Prayers and good thought are encouraged!

Now, once I am there the fun begins. Cooler weather, even rain possibly, family non-stop, lobster, clams, mussels, Whippers Sandwiches, Humpty Dumpty potato chips, cold lakes for swimming, dirt roads, hills, mountains, strawberry season, the farm, sleeping with open windows, boat rides . . .my idea of summer.


christina said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog today! I'll put you on my blog roll toute suite.

That's a very pretty photo. See? Uploading is a breeze once you get how to do it.

Expat Traveler said...

we are having a sunny day here and well everyone in Vancouver complains when it's 90 outside and that's like at the hottest part of the day! Your description reminds me of early days in montreux!

Antipodeesse said...

Ooh, your holiday to come sounds fabulous! Please, can I come too?

hexe said...

Christina - Thanks for including me on your blog roll. I soon hope to be able to upload without the instruction manual in hand - will keep you posted.

Expat Traveler - glad I could remind you of such a happy time and place.

Antipodeesse - Of course you can come along. Just two requirements:
1. No talking loudly about me if I have to use the horrid little baggies again, and
2. You plan my next birthday. After looking at your wonderful photos of your recent birthday parties, I would like to be adopted.

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