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16 May 2006

rain, rain, go away . . .

What a strange day. My thought have been with my family and friends in the North as they bail out of the recent flooding. Hopefully all these May showers will bring lots of June flowers and a winning season for the Red Sox!!!

We had our first rain in several weeks here today. I just received a e-mail telling me a former boss was involved in a serious car accident this morning on wet roads. It doesn't look good. Although I have not remained in touch, it is still disturbing as he has a family and children. I hope and pray for them that the news is good.

I find it interesting that people (myself included) have emotional reactions after an accident or tragedy, even if they didn't like the person involved or hadn't been in contact for several years. It gives me hope that humanity still has redeeming qualities. Accidents seem to serve as reminder to hold close those we care about because you never know when it may you.

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