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21 May 2006

Don't you just love a sale . . .

Usually this phase is followed by mad shopping for cute clothes and shoes, but alas, I'm talking about wood flooring. Back in January, PerfectHusband and I decided it was time to replace the once white, now beige, carpet in our home. This carpet was installed by the originally owners in 1992. They were older and had no children. The carpet was lovely when we bought the house. Six years and two kids later, the carpet can no longer be considered white or lovely.

We received three estimates for having wood flooring installed and quickly decided that we could install it ourselves for much less. After much research, we considered ordering wood wholesale off the internet, but our fear of underestimating the amount needed and not being able to find matching wood caused us to order small quantities of wood from the local Home Depot. We chose Springdale Plank Butterscotch.

We started with one bedroom with the help of a brother-in-law. In April, my parents' visit to their grandchildren included installing wood flooring in the living room and dining room (my father said he wasn't visiting next year if the floor wasn't done). My Mother's Day weekend was spent on my knees with PerfectHusband (get your mind out of the gutter!). We finished the kitchen late Saturday night. At this point, we are out of flooring again.

This morning while I went grocery shopping with KK, PerfectHusband took Hew to Home Depot to order more wood. I knew something was up when Hew came running in yelling, "Guess what?" Unfortunately, he couldn't remember what to tell me after "Guess what?". PerfectHusband came in to say he ordered flooring for the rest of the rooms as it was 20% off this weekend. Never did I think that a wood flooring sale would cause me such excitement - God, I'm old.


Antipodeesse said...

Before you know it, you'll be wearing tartan slippers and sipping hot cocoa at 9 pm.

hexe said...

What is wrong with cocoa before 9:00 PM? Couldn't cocoa be used as the suggested hot beverage in your naughty post regarding alternating hot and cold beverages?