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15 May 2006

Random Things About Me

  1. I could live on cheese, strawberries, good bread, wine, and chocolate.
  2. I can still do a handstand.
  3. The name Hexe does not mean I practice witchcraft.
  4. Sometimes I feel like a witch and sometimes I wish I could do a bathroom cleaning spell.
  5. I HATE to clean the bathroom.
  6. I am the oldest and my siblings don't get me.
  7. I love to snuggle in the bed with my kids.
  8. I couldn't live without books.
  9. If I win the lottery, you'll find me in the Austrian Alps.
  10. I still haven't lost my baby weight and the baby is two.
  11. I can use a power saw and haven't lost any fingers yet.
  12. I can't imagine Christmas without snow.
  13. I am addicted to McLeod's Daughters - a Australian TV show.
  14. I graduated from high school almost twenty years ago and I still get together with a group of friends once a year.
  15. I don't keep in touch with my college friends, and only a few of my graduate school friends.
  16. It's acceptable to eat ice cream for breakfast occasionally.
  17. I love Johnny Depp.
  18. I chop-up vegetables and hide them in my kids food.
  19. On our second date, my husband took me to Hooters to meet his Dad and his step-mother.
  20. I have only been to Hooters once (see #19). I will never go again.
  21. In a high school production of Cinderella, I was a mouse who turned into a horse.
  22. My entire family lives within 100 miles of each other except me.
  23. Three of my four grandparents are still alive.
  24. I don't like flying with my children.
  25. I like to refinish furniture.
  26. I went to NYC and I don't really see what the fuss is about.
  27. I like to wear red.
  28. My daughter told her teacher I am 10 years old.
  29. Sometimes I really love to cook.
  30. I hate snakes and bugs.
  31. I am quiet in large social gatherings.
  32. Although I often speak my mind, I have tried to become more tactful.
  33. I am jealous at how easily my husband has lost weight.
  34. I walk fast.
  35. I once wiped out in the grocery store and sprained my ankle (see #34).
  36. Sometimes I get so tired that I cry for no apparent reason.
  37. I think way too much.
  38. In junior high school, I broke up with my first boyfriend at school and he cried. Two months later he dated my best friend.
  39. I hated being pregnant.
  40. I am cautious with money.
  41. I am unable to sing in tune but that doesn't stop me.
  42. I worry about my children.
  43. I don't trust strangers.
  44. I am most comfortable in a blazer and jeans.
  45. In high school, I was insecure and dated boys who were not very smart.
  46. I love the color green.
  47. It doesn't count as going to the beach unless the water is cold.
  48. I didn't vote for GWB.
  49. I am most confident at work.
  50. I was way too good growing up.
  51. I can lie well when necessary. I hope this is not a hereditary trait my children have received.
  52. I am more afraid of not living than of dying.


Ms Mac said...

Hello! Hope you're enjoying your foray into blogging. Be careful, it can be addictive!

Please, if you have anything to ask about moving to Europe, ask me. If I can answer a question for you or help in any way I'd be very pleased to!

I've never seen an episode of McLeod's Daughters but I was also a mouse in a production of Cinderella. I even had a solo to sing, "A mouse lived in a windmill in old Ansterdam"!!

I thought I'd blocked that from memory.

Anyway, I'll keep a look out for more posts from you, it's always nice to meet new people.

hexe said...

Ms. Mac,
Thank God I didn't have to sing as a mouse/horse. Instead I danced - picture a white leotard and tights, with a headband with mouse ears in badly permed 80s hair. I only wish I could block it from my memory, yet photos exist to confirm the horror.

If you get the chance check out McLeod's Daughter. I am only in the early episodes but pretty scenary, hunky guys, and semi-plausible female characters - did I mention the guys?

Thank you for the kind comment and encouragement. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the last six months and have many questions about moving overseas. As soon as I can recover from the shock of my first comment I'll get my thought together and ask them. My first comment - I feel like I've arrived!

hexe said...

That would be "thoughts" - getting my thoughts together (still working on it!).