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15 May 2006

In the beginning . . .

In the past six months, I have become a blog addict. It started out innocently enough - PerfectHusband and I have been talking about possibly moving overseas and I looked for information on expatriates. Suddenly, I was hooked - I had to know what was going on with Ms. Mac, Expatters, Antipo Deesse, and the rest of the expatriates. Like a thief in the night, I would anonymously sneak onto their blogs and randomly leave comments. Lately, that just hasn't been enough. I wanted more. So here I am, furthering my addiction by starting my own blog.

Beyond the addiction, I need a confidant. PerfectHusband and I have a secret. We hope to move out of the State of Florida in two years. I understand that this is not earth shattering news except to us and the corporation where my husband is a shareholder and they don't know. I know Florida is not the worst place we could live and bring up our children, KK and Hew, but this is not where we would chose. As a northern girl, I miss the snow, autumn, muddy spring weather, small communities, apple picking, real pumpkin patches, lakes, mountains, a lower crime rate, less freaks, better education etc. So, this blog gives me an opportunity to chat about the future.

I guess the next question is where are we going. That's the big unknown. At first, it was north - closer to my family, back to my roots. But then PerfectHusband's brother followed love overseas and we've been visiting. At first it was just fun to visit, then we started talking about staying once we won the lottery, and then we started saying we're educated there has to be a way for us to find jobs. Additionally, PerfectHusband has lived overseas during his single years and loved it. The research began - what could we do, where could we go, how would we support ourselves, would we ruin our kids forever, could we leave the solid, dependable life we had built for the unknown. All this led to the decision that I would make a career change that would make the potential for an overseas move possible. That's my life - two kids under five, a new job, and the random home improvement project. All comments and suggstions welcome - except those that tell us we're crazy - we alrready know that.


Kim/Thomas said...

I soooo know the feeling of wanting to move!! Good luck! I just found your blog, and I too am addicted to blogging, I find you could learn sooo much!!

:) thanks for having me on your blogroll:) I had no idea:):) kim

Kim/Thomas said...

btw, that is exactly how I started blogging, I was reading and reading, and the frog was telling me that you should just try to do a blog, and well I love it, its great to save these stories!!

My 12 year old begged me to start one, his is, a kid's point of view, but he wasn't getting many comments, so he is not as inspired! I'll keep checking back to see your posts:) keep it going!

oh, and (yes i'm miss chatty cathy) how about florida to france, what the heck, I miss her! ooooh you must be the florida comment, she was asking about....aha, mystery solved!

hexe said...

I wasn't the Florida comment she asked about but I have written anonymous comments on her site before. Hope she is feeling better.

Anonymous said...
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