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16 May 2006

My First Comment!

Thank you Ms. Mac for my first comment and welcoming me to the blogging world. Upon seeing that my first comment was from THE Ms. Mac, whose blog I have been secretly enjoying, I skipped down the hall like the new kid invited to hang with the cool kids.


Kim/Thomas said...

I understand completely! I am always skipping when I get comments from (as my son would say, big time bloggers:)

I'm so glad I found you, how about you guys move to New York, or just come here for that matter, I'm so tired of hearing of bloggers meeting, all my favorite bloggers are living overseas:( so it will be a while till we get there:)

Trust me, it gets addicting, really addicting, I'd rather blog then watch tv!

:o) Kim (again) just trying to fill your comment box:)

hexe said...

Thanks for the comment. I am so addicted already. I won't be in NY anytime soon, but will be in the Northeast this summer. We could meet somewhere in between - the first annual meeting of the 'Wannabe Expatriates' - what do you think?