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09 June 2006

I'm an Idiot . . .

The unthinkable happened last night - our home computer died (I am currently on PerfectHusband's work laptop). PH has already called his computer guru who believes it to be a possible virus as well as a hardware problem(?) - who knows? Normally, this would not be a problem - I'm going out of town for awhile anyways, BUT all our plane reservation confirmation numbers, car rental confirmation number, and all the information I have gathered for Paris and Gerardmer (except for a lot of wonderful information sent from Jen) is stuck in the computer!!! I know, I am an idiot. I should have printed it out months ago. I understand it is all recoverable (at least that what's the guru says), but the issue is time - will we get it back before Tuesday morning when I fly out or will I be spending my weekend calling airlines and the car rental company to get confirmation numbers, as well as frantically trying to recreate the information I already had? Why didn't I print the plane reservations or car rental reservation when I made them? Why didn't I print the information I'd found on Gerardmer and Paris? Because I am an idiot!

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Expat Traveler said...

Oh Hexe! I hope that the computer gets fixed! Reminds me that I need to back up my photos!

And guess what? I'm in process since June 1st. Finally found it when I logged onto the system last night. :)
It only took over 4 months, so now it's another 3 to 4 months before I get any answer... Patience!!!