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13 June 2006

Takin' the long way around

. . . It can get pretty lonely when you show yourself.
Guess I could have made it easier on myself
But I - I could never follow
No, I - I could never follow
Well, I never seem to do it like anybody else . . .
Takin' the long way around.

-The Long Way Around
Dixie Chicks

As a kid, my mother used to say that I always took "the long way around" because I was so stubborn and independent. Sometimes, I think that is my theme to life. When I called my mom to say we'd be a day later due to the cancelled flight, she just laughed. We have a flying curse - our flights have been delayed, cancelled, and rerouted. Two years ago at Christmas, we were stranded in D.C. and were told that it would be THREE DAYS before we could get a flight to anywhere in Florida. We drove back - renting a car and two car seats for Hew (then age 9 months) and KK (then age 2) - 17 hours. In the past, I have sworn that I will not fly again, but my resolve doesn't last a week. Plus, now I'm just happy to arrive and return in one piece.

So tomorrow, I'll try again - takin' the freakin' long way around.


Anonymous said...

This just in...

Hexe has finally arrived at the airport. And, as if on cue, KK immediately vomited all over the gate exitway. Hew was proud of his big sister and pointed this out to every passenger as they de-planed. Grandmother was late picking everyone up since she got a speeding ticket on the way to the airport. Grandmother of the year, I say.

Hopefully, vacation for Hexe can now start, sans vomit.

Mr. Hexe (aka PH)

PS: I have not yet figured out how to post a gues blog.

Expat Traveler said...

PH - I think you have to go into her log in information and add yourself as another member. I'm sure it's under settings and then members. You would just add a team member. That's it. It should work because I've added husband and he has posted a whopping one time!

Expat Traveler said...

PS. I hope the rest of the trip goes much better, especially sans puke!

And thanks for the update. :)

Deb said...

Nice blog! ;o) It's good to hear your thoughts on life in good ol' Florida. I just added you to my site as well. I think my husband will enjoy reading your blog too. He'll be glad to know that it isn't always as glamorous as I make it out to be!

Hope the rest of your trip goes more smoothly. =o)