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07 June 2006

I'm leaving on a jetplane . . .

Six day until lift off. Packing has begun. The hunt for the perfect small toys that will entertain Hew and KK for the six hour trip is underway. Six days and I will finally get to leave this oppressive hot weather!!!

Once at my parents house, I will have a week of single parenthood as PerfectHusband will not join us until next week. Once he arrives, I will hand the kids off to my parents, and he and I will leave for France.

I am always a little nervous leaving the kids. It's not that I don't trust my family with them - Grandma and Grampa will spoil them rotten will ice cream, cookies, chips, and various other junk that are generally lacking from their daily diet. My sister and her children will arrive so that there will be playmates. They will have a great time.

I think it's the potential death thing that makes me nervous. Before we ever leave the kids, we reread and if necessary, revise our will. Not only that, but we do a medical authorization form for my parents and sister in the event that the kids get hurt. Just call us anal. Before having kids, I would board a plane on a whim - no thoughts of death and serious bodily injury. Now I have to contemplate who should raise my children in the event of my death and PerfectHusband's death. It does tend to put a little damper on the vacation travel.

But even with the thought of wills, medical authorization, and flying alone with two children under five, there is still that excitement. I love to travel - to see new places, to mispronounce words in a different language, to explore, to walk aimlessly, to eat new food and drink some wine, to see a small part of life in a different place. Six days . . . .

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Expat Traveler said...

I think because of your jobs this is a bit more evident. By the way, it's so cool the kids loved my photo. :)