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02 June 2006

Please excuse me while I rant momentarily . . .

Many years ago, before children, PerfectHusband and I moved into our current home. At the time I was not welcomed with open arms by many of the women in the neighborhood because
1. I had no children, and
2. I worked.
The majority of my female neighbors are stay at home moms. I have no problem with stay-at-home moms - they are great, but as I have previously mentioned, even after kids, I still went back to work part time. So sue me - it's what works for me. You do what's right for your family - not any of my business.

Anyways, it seems that I am now the anti-christ of the neighborhood because I mow the yard. Yes, that's right - I mow the yard . . and not only that . . .I like it! Most of the neighbors have a lawn service, but we have a riding lawn mower. The kids take turns riding with me or they play where I can see them as I do this. Apparently, this activity is considered THE MAN'S job because I have received snide little digs about this. Today, two female neighbors drove right by and just glared at me as I waved from the mower.

God, imagine their reactions if they knew I use the table saw and the belt sander. . . I'd probably be run from the neighborhood.


Expat Traveler said...

ah - yes it would be against the law to get your hands dirty or to do any work that actually requires being seen out of the house.

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