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24 June 2006

Les adventures des vacances

After a quick stop in Montreal, we arrived in Paris yesterday morning. Brother in law (BIL) met us at the airport to lead us to our vacation rental two doors down from his apartment in the First Arrondissement. In the past thirty-six hours, we have been to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumphe, Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Company, Jardin du Carrousel, Jardin des Tuileries, walked the Ile de la Cite, rented bikes and rode them through Friday night rush hour traffic, and walked the Seine.

BIL is the tour guide from hell. BIL has lived in Paris for the past ten years with his French wife and their young daughter. I am very happy to see them, but BIL believes it is his personal responsibility to 1) make sure we do not fall prey to any scam and/or thievery and 2) indoctrinate us into the understanding that all things French are the best. I am sick of hearing how the water, soda, apples, buildings, milk, clothing, cars, children, etc, etc are all better in France. Additionally, I am sick of being run ragged looking at random buildings were Moliere lived, Cezanne died, and Monet shit. Finally, I am sick of being told how to hold my camera, where to put my money, how to walk, and what shoes to wear. PerfectHusband and I were going to take a break from all this family togetherness and go to dinner alone, but BIL believed it necessary to lead us to a restaurant and interpret the menu for us (even I know the basics of poulet, bouef, fromage, and the various vegetables and herbs). While we are certainly enjoying Paris, it would be nice to discover it without constantly being told that it is all superior to any place else. I find it difficult to resist the urge to remind BIL that not only was he born in the old USA but he was born in the State that is known for a giant mouse.

One last complaint has nothing to do with BIL. Today, in Notre Dame I witness flagrant disregard for a church and it truly pissed me off. Even though it clearly stated no photos, flashes continued to go off. People disregarded the barriers, lifting them to allow themselves and their uncontrollable children to sit and touch items that they certainly have no business touching. People were loud and obnoxious on cell phones. I'm talking about all people - not just the English speaking. I'm no religion freak but I also think that when a church invites you to enter you should treat it with respect. It made me angry to think about the fact that if people were so disrespectful in a church, then the rest of the world in certainly in deep merde.

So, now the pictures and then I'm going to bed so I can keep up with another day of BIL touring.

Tried to post pictures but computer failing - off to bed!


Expat Traveler said...

So I checked on Sat I thought and no posts yet. I get busy today and what do you know, two new posts. And FUNNY at that...

Ok - P can totally relate because all I talk about is how I love Switzerland because of this and that. Maybe not that bad, but I'm sure I do it...

You guys must be tired!!! Crazy tourist. ;-) With crazy BIL....

Ms Mac said...

I know Notre Dame is beautiful and all that but when i visited there way back in 1989 (or something) it really wasn't anything more than a tourist spot. I also visited the Sacre Coeur which was a beautiful church and there seemed to be an air of reverence about it. Sadly, in the passing years, it seems as though the Sacre Coeur has gone the same way as Notre Dame. Tourists just don't respect places of worship any more.

I'm a bit precious about churches, I love to visit them (not that I'm religious or anything) and see all the history and art that goes ahnd in hand with them but other tourists make me mad some days!

EuroTrippen said...

No way... Monet shat? (sidebar- is shat an actual word??)

We're spending 4 days in Paris in about a month... I can't wait! I was actually contemplating hiring a guide, but after your experience I might re-think it. Either that or I'll see if your brother-in-law is free. lol.

hexe said...

expat traveler - still tired and recovering but would agree with you about your love of Switzerland over France

Ms. Mac - totally understand about churches - I love them. I just hate rude disrespectful tourist.

eurotrippen - Let me know about booking BIL as he would gladly show you where Monet shat and then explain to you that it is the best shat in the world because it is French :)