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02 June 2006


Hew has reached another milestone today. Finally, this morning we said a sad farewell to the crib. For the past couple weeks, Hew has been fluctuating between the crib and his “big boy bed” (formerly know as the guest bed). This morning when I asked if it was time to put the crib away and Hew agreed. I think it had more to do with me letting him bang with his hammer while I disassembled the crib. Plus at one point the side came loose and crashed down causing Hew to delightedly repeat on the phone to PerfectHusband “Momma, crib, BIG CRASH!!!”

Here it is before the BIG CRASH . . .

and then after the BIG CRASH!


I was actually a little sad to see the crib go as Hew is our last (we hope!). But, I don't think I'll shed a tear once we get him out of diapers.

Congrats my big boy!


Expat Traveler said...

that is a big step, congrats!

I've heard rewards work quite well. I've been through one training and well he did well right away... you only need 21 days..

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